We Dream Big. We Are Passionate.

We envision Africa with food on every plate from Cape to Cairo and from Mombasa to Accra. No African man, woman or child need ever go hungry again. Land and water scarcity need not be a barrier either to feeding our people! 

We commit ourselves to work with individuals, groups, organizations, and governments across the African continent towards this end. Our collaboration is not defined by race, tribe, sex or religion. We are about helping fellow humans be empowered to eat healthily and affordably.

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, at The Future is Hydroponics we are passionate about eradicating poverty in our continent of Africa during our generation. Pictures of hungry brothers and sisters across the continent always haunted us, but then, there was nothing we could do, or so we thought.

Then along came Hydroponics! In 2015, we learned about the farming of animal fodder, vegetables, and fruits without needing soil. A method, which saved 50-80% water and eliminated the seasonal harvests experienced in conventional farming.

The fact that one could use locally available materials to make tunnels to grow vegetables and fruits without the need for expensive fertilizers and machinery got hold of our imagination. We set out to learn as much as we could.

Hydroponic farming is a blanket name used to explain farming using water but without the medium of soil. One can use aeroponics, aquaponics in a small or large space. It is our conviction that Hydroponics, after the initial costs of setting up a tailor-made system, is much cheaper and more sustainable than conventional farming especially in parts of Africa where it is dry with scarce rainfall year through.

At The Future is Hydroponics, we are setting out to educate, offer advice and help in setting up, running and maintaining hydroponic systems. We shall be answering questions and helping clients to make use of hydroponic systems to sprout fodder so that animals need not keep dying during drought seasons and families can grow their own vegetables and fruits. 

We want to become a leading force in the fight against poverty and hunger across Africa. We aim to empower as many households as is humanly possible with the skills to grow their own food.​