hydroponic leaves

Lucy's Ponderings ...

This is where I bring up thought provoking topics and ideas. Those topics/ideas will have attained their purpose if they will talk to our hearts and minds as the people of the continent and lead us to thinking about our lives and what we can do as individuals or communities. How we can use our God-given abilities and creativity to better ourselves and others.

The ponderings or musings, are more like me thinking aloud and taking you along on the journey as I try to make sense of things and situations that affect us as a people, directly or indirectly. The thoughts will be random, depending on what is going on at the time or on whatever is capturing my imagination or attracting my attention.

I extend a personal invitation to you. Please, do join the conversations at the end of each write up and let us ponder together, who knows? We might just come up with solutions that are workable and can solve a lot of issues and save or transform the life of a brother or sister. Let us also not be afraid to dream, come we dream together…

However, though the invitation is sent out to one and all, let us keep the conversation respectful and light. We can discuss openly and constructively yet, with respect and honour for one another. Topics can be heavy, but we do not need to bring in doom and gloom or rudeness. Positivity goes a long way in lighting the darkness.

Let’s do this!